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Free Website Promotion Tools - Website promotion tools on html, keywords, sitemaps, mobile media, image maps and more.

Free Website Promotion Tools

The following are a few free website promotion tools you can use, if you are so inclined.

Tidy your HTML »
This free tool from W3C will fix your HTML errors automatically. Search engine spiders consider the proper use of code. Insert your url and get results.

Broken Link Checker »
This Free Link Checker looks for broken links, anchors and referenced objects on a web page, CSS style sheet, or on a whole website.

Website Promotion Tools »
This document offers up a whole list of SEO and website promotion tools. Options include SEO analysis, link, tracking, social media, hacking, and various other helpful tools.

Browser Shots »
See what your website looks like in different browsers. You can select from a variety of browsers, as well as browser size.

Submit Your Content to Google »
Free tools from Google to help promote your website and products. Includes tools for the website owner, business owner, publishing videos, books, and news, and tools for public agencies and NGO's.

Google Keyword Tool »
Need keyword ideas? What keywords are the most popular related to your website? Find out here.

Another Free Keyword Tool »
This free keyword suggestion tool comes from Keywrod Discovery. Another useful device for finding the most popular keywords related to your site.

Free Photos for Your Site »
Royalty free stock photos for use on your website. A wide variety of photos are available in many different categories. Web designers use this site when choosing images for the sites they design.

HTML Examples »
HTML examples for web building from W3 Schools. See examples of html code, and the proper way to code them. Helpful for beginners when designing a web page.

Image Map Tool »
An online image mapper. Use this convenient tool to assign a link(s) to an image. Very helpful for making a section of an image clickable.

Free Online Sitemap Generator »
Create your Google, Bing, and Yahoo Sitemap with this free and handy tool. Insert your url, and this tool finds all your internal links, then lists them, all ready for use.
Google Sitemaps » is the best way to show Google all your web pages, and also to let Google know if you have created a new page.

Site Checkup »
Handy little tool that analyzes your site for common SEO factors such as keyword usage, titles and metas, proper headings, sitemap and robot test, broken links and more. It's free!

Thesaurus »
The most handy tool available for writing good copy.
Make your website text more relevant and non-oridnary by using synonyms. Dazzle the world with awesome text. Instead of 'awesome' text you could have 'astonishing' text or 'breathtaking' text. It's up to you!

Language Translation »
This free tool will translate languages for you, using a variety of language choices. You can translate a whole page, a block of text, or just one word. This free tool will also detect which language it is, if you don't know it.

Robots.txt »
Commands that tell a search engine what (and what not) to do. Do you have a page or section of your site you don't want to be published in the search engines? There is a simple command for that.

Wayback Machine »
See the history of any website, and what changes have been made to it along the way.

How Your Site Looks on a Smartphone »
Test handheld media types without the use of a smartphone.
Don't have a cell phone but want to know what your site looks like on one? This will tell you how.

Mobile-Friendly Test »
Is your website mobile and smart phone friendly? This free tool from Google checks it out.

Smartphone Source Code Checker »
Test your html to make sure it's mobile phone friendly.
This free tool gives you an itemized analysis of your code, verifying if it is acceptable for proper compatibility and rendering on mobile devices such as smart phones.

Who Is »
Here you can find a variety of info related to any domain.
A domain and ip address lookup. Find out who owns a domain, when it was created, when it expires, and where it is hosted.
You can also do a search using keywords, and find domains about to expire.

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