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The major search engines put a great emphasis on the number of quality links pointing to a site. Our link popularity services specialize in quality one way links, to enhance your positioning in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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One Way Links

Our link popularity services specialize in one way link building »
These are the types of links where other sites list your website, without payment or trading links.
One way links are free!
There are many websites and databases out there that deal with the type of service your site is offering, and you need to be listed in them. These are the type of links that correspond to your specific service/product, and your keywords.
This is the key to our link popularity service.
Bing, Google, Yahoo and other search engines will consider your site more important than your competitors, if you have these links, and they don't. After doing this for as long as we have, we know the ins and outs of acquiring these type of links, and have the knowledge it takes to list in them. Not only do you need to consider these specific and related links, but also how important these links are to the search engines......i.e. the links the search engines consider as being more important than others.

Bad Neighborhoods

There are a few pitfalls to consider when working on a link popularity campaign.

Link Farms:
Reciprocal linking methods that are nothing more than a ton of sites linking to each other. Be sure to avoid these types of links. Search engines are most definitely tracking these types of schemes, and if they find your link on them, they will probably penalize you.

Free for All websites:
These websites and databases generally list a bunch of links that have no relation to each other. You should never be listed on these pages. Your link is worthless on these types of pages and you could even be penalized by the search engines because of it. They have no value whatsoever....all you will get from them is a bunch of spam email.

Reciprocal Linking....Good or Bad?
Not only do search engines look at all your incoming links, but they also consider other variables as well. For instance, Google knows if your links are reciprocal or not. If you're trading links with someone else (meaning you list their site and they list yours), then you are in effect trading links only for the sole purpose of getting a boost in your ranking. Remember, the major search engines are constantly crawling the internet. They can see that you've placed a link on your site to another, and that site has reciprocated. Do you really think search engines give much credit to those who trade links? Well...... yes and no.
At present, a site that has a good number of reciprocal links, may rank well. The major point here is, who are you trading links with? If you trade links with a site who puts your link on the same page along with a hundred other sites, it isn't doing you a whole a lot of good. Another consideration is what the other sites listed with you are about...... are they the same subject matter as your site? Or are they completely unrelated? If your site sells auto parts and you are listed on the same page with another site that sells vacuum cleaners, another that sells books.....well, you get the point. Your reciprocal link has become nearly worthless. Make sure you use a website promotion company or link popularity service that understands this.

Google puts a different importance on each link pointing to your site.
Is the linked grouped together with like or unlike sites? Is the link reciprocal? It makes sense that Google likes a non-reciprocal link better than a reciprocal one, but only as long as the non reciprocal link is located on a page or site that pertains to the same subject matter that the link itself is about. Also important is the pagerank of the site that lists you, and that sites website link popularity. There are a lot of things to consider when building a website link popularity campaign. Reciprocal links have less and less importance as time goes on. As I've stated before, what's the value of links that are traded, only for the sole purpose of upping ones rating? Not much.

In conclusion, reciprocal links can be of value, but one way links are much more powerful.

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