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Google and Artificial Intelligence

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As AI becomes more prevalent and technology keeps moving forward, many people are expressing concern over the direction of AI. Google especially is at the forefront of the future of AI, and how it will affect our lives as time goes on. Concern over what could happen if AI technology falls into the wrong hands is just one example of the many questions that are being raised. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has released a statement of principles that Google will adhere to in their development of AI: "We recognize that such powerful technology raises equally powerful questions about its use. How AI is developed and used will have a significant impact on society for many years to come."
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Google and Https (Secure Websites)

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Google is giving more credence to websites that are secure. This means that websites that are using https instead of (or along with) http in their url will have an improved ranking over those that are using http alone. Even though you may not have any reason to make your site secure, you still will want your site to be so. Having https means that any information passed along by a visitor to your site (such as through contact forms, shopping carts etc.) will be encrypted, making for a safer internet for individual users and the internet overall. Reasons to migrate to https include encryption and improved authentication and data integrity. Google's move to favor secure websites is a good idea, and all website owners should migrate over to https. Most hosting companies are now making this process quite easy. Take a gander at your hosting control panel, and you will most likely see an option for it. Make sure you click the option for the 'Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS'. If you don't want to mess with it, then contact your hosting company and they will do it for you.
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Google AdWords Services

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Google AdWords is an excellent way to immediately drive qualified traffic to your website. We optimize campaigns using your keywords effectively, and manage your ads for optimum performance and best use of your budget.
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See Your Tweets on Google

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Google shows tweets when people search for certain subjects. If I write Sioux Falls weather (type the name of city you live in), and maybe also Sioux Falls weather- snow today and tomorrow, my tweet will show in Google for 'weather'. Try it and look for your tweet! Hi mom!! :)
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Google and Mobile-first Indexing

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Google is slowly implementing a change in how it indexes a website. Google will soon (around July 2018) be rolling out a new feature that puts more weight and relevance on the mobile version of a website. If your website currently is 'responsive', then your mobile page is the same as the desktop version, so you don't need to change anything. If your site has separate or individual mobile pages (the desktop page is rediected to a mobile page for people with smart phones), then you should be sure that your mobile page contains the same info and text as the desktop page, or at least contain more information. The point is that Google will be putting more emphasis on the mobile version of your website.
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New Bing Features

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The search engine Bing is hoping to knock Google off as the number 1 destination for internet inquires.
Bing has announced some new features for their search engine to combat Google's dominance. The new features help Bing to become a 'smarter' search engine, and will now include results that Bing will display at the top of the page in feedback to a question or query. Bing will take information from a variety of sources and places, instead of only using the previous one source. This will include opposing and different answers, so the user can pick the one they are after. Another feature is Bing giving the user a definition for any query that asks for one, instead of just listing articles related to it. You will also be able to identify items in a photo that show up in a Bing image search, so users can shop for the item found in the picture itself.
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Celebrities to Answer Questions on New Google Feature

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Google has a new element being launched for its mobile search that will give celebrities an opportunity to answer questions posed to them.
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Google to Auto-play Videos?

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Google is testing a new feature that will auto-play a video, depending on the search terms you search for.
In other words, if you search for 'replacing a faucet washer', a video will start playing on the right side of the search results, showing how to replace a faucet washer.
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Optimizing for Voice

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SEO's need to consider something they may not have thought about.....optimizing for voice.
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Artificial Intelligence & Google

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Have you seen the commercials on TV for the new 'Google Home'? This is the device that sits in your living room (or any room) and you ask it questions such as "What sound does a whale make?" or "Is it going to rain tomorrow?". You activate it by preceding your question or command with "OK Google".
Pretty cool right? Amazon also has a similar product on the market.
Google Home uses the web to answer any question you may have. This is another aspect of how internet marketing and good old SEO will help you gain customers. Since Google is basically using the same algorithm to find any answer to any question, just as its regular search engine does.

So, where is Google going with A.I.?
Google already uses it for its android smart phone software on voice activation features, as well as the self-driving Google automobile.
Combine Google A.I. with robotics and you get a personal assistant robot for your home that can answer questions, do commands, and also chores.
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Title Tag Length Guidelines

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Since Google has done away with the ads on the right side of their search engine results, they have also increased the width of the left side (main) results (from 512 pixels to 600). This gives us more room to work with. So how many characters is 'best use' for a title now? Are there other factors to consider when writing a title tag? Of course there is!
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Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

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The 'Accelerated Mobile Pages Project' (AMP) is starting to gain more traction. This project (developed by Google) is an open source programming language designed to streamline the loading of mobile pages on smart phones. At present, it is used mostly for publishing related web pages (such as news, blogs, articles). The idea is to make websites more accessible for smart phones.
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Evaluating Link Quality

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Those of us in the SEO community know that a link campaign isn't about getting the largest number of links possible. Instead, link building has become an exercise in evaluating a link, and whether or not that link is a good one, a so-so one, or a bad one. Obtaining a bad link can get you penalized in Google, so it makes sense to make a concerted effort to do your research. Your clients will benefit. This article tells you what to look for including the relevance, human value, authority and trust, and the technical elements of link building.
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Google Ranking Factors

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New article on Google Ranking Factors. Best source I've seen yet that explains the components needed for getting a website ranked higher in Google, and explanation of said components.
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SEO Guide For Google, Bing and Yahoo

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Want your website to rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo? It's really quite simple. Just a few easy steps will get your site more quality hits than you are likely getting at the present.
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Update Your Content

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With Google, the updating of a website, or 'freshness' of content, goes a long way to establishing better rankings. While this has always played a big role, it looks as if Google is taking another look.
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Google Penalizing Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

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Google will start adjusting rankings for websites that are not mobile friendly. Your site must now be able to accommodate smart phones, or your Google rankings may fall, perhaps even plummet to depths unknown.
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Thinking of Redesigning Your Website? Think again!

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A site redesign is a great idea, but there is an important factor you might not have thought of - the loss of your search engine rankings.
If your site has been optimized, then you want to keep your on-page content, and also the source code title's of your site, as they are currently. Otherwise, you will likely slip in rankings. This may include every page of your site!
Also, think about this....there may be other websites that are presently linking to some of your pages, and you will lose those links, if those pages no longer exist.
So, be sure to keep your content and page names (web address) the same, just redesign your new site around them.
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Improve Your Local Rankings

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This article offers up 10 steps to improve your website rankings in the search engines, and elsewhere.
Although not comprehensive, the article does give some quick, well written, and important tips. Topics include website optimization, social networking, the importance of visual content (video, images etc.) blogging, mobile traffic, navigation, and call-to-action. Good stuff for the beginner.
Follow these 10 steps and you will be well on the road to getting more traffic to your site.
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Google Penalty Removal

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Think your site has been penalized by Google? First, you should ask yourself if you may have done anything wrong....after all, if you're not doing anything untoward, you really haven't much to worry about from Google. Just because your site isn't being found under your keywords doesn't mean you have been penalized. It probably means you just need some good, honest, expert SEO. However, if you think you have been penalized, here is a guide that will help you back on the road to getting your site found in Google again.
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On-Page SEO Basics

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This article gives some good advice and practical SEO tips for your wwebsite. Follow these basic rules and you will go far in making your site more search engine friendly. If you are new to SEO, and want to try and optimize your site yourself, then start with reading this artice. This article is about SEO and changing your website itself, not about outside factors such as links, social media etc. Good, solid tips!
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