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Our optimized press release services include writing press releases for your company to enhance your online presence.
We also provide press release distribution » to spread the news about your company on the web.

Optimized Press Release Services

Get the word out!
Press release writing is an important tool in the promotion of your company.
Think of a press release as free publicity! It's a cost effective way to promote your company, not just on the web, but in newspapers, emails, fax and by mail.
It's important to be objective in your press release, as a journalist would. Our optimized press release services will tell the story without the hype, in a pointed and crisp style, to grab the interest of the audience.

Example of a Press Release

Press releases can be about a service, product, event or any information that is befitting an audience.
It's not only important what you say, but how you say it!


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Title of the Press Release:
Make sure the title is an attention grabber. Capitalization is important. Capitalize the first letter of each important word. You can also include a sub-heading, if applicable. This will give you a little extra space to make the point of the headline.

Lead Paragraph:
The first paragraph should contain the who, what, when, where and how of your press release. The first sentence is the most important, use it to your advantage.

Keep your press release around 500-700 words, no more than a page. Don't use sales language, stick to the facts. Since the lead paragraph already states the main points, use the body to support it. Use quotes from a company source, or from customers etc.

This is the 'about' section of the press release. Use this part to briefly describe the particulars of your company.

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