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Removing Negative Comments

Because of our experience in website promotion, we have the knowledge to promote you or your company online in a positive way, and push the offenders to the background. However, removing negative comments can be difficult. Contacting the right people to have them removed is an option, but can be a difficult one. We can respectfully ask that a comment be removed, but that doesn't mean that it will. If a negative comment is posted on a blog, forum, or elsewhere, it may be considered free speech....there is no accountability. The key then is to repair your reputation with the positive, and try to bury the negative.

Internet Reputation Management

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Even if you don't have a problem with negative comments on the internet, you still want the world to know about you or your company in a positive way. Internet reputation management is the process of getting the good word out.

If you are a company, you will find yourself in multiple listings and resources on the internet. The key is networking.....the more your company name is out there, the better your business will be known. You will receive more inquiries, and your reputation across the internet will grow.

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