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Our services include meta tag optimization for Google, Bing, MSN, AOL, Ask, Yahoo etc. All use meta tags to some degree, but in different ways. The deportment varies, the techniques do not.

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Website Optimization & Meta Tags

This page is about the use of meta tags, which are found in your website source code.

Are meta tags important? Yes!
Our meta tag optimization services include meta tags for all the essential pages of your website.

<TITLE> Though not considered part of the metas, the <TITLE> is one of the most important aspects in website optimization. The Title » is where you want to use optimal keywords. The most common mistake that many make is to use their company name in the <TITLE>. This can be a waste of valuable real estate, especially since search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google place a high emphasis on what keywords are in a <TITLE>. Also, the first words in a <TITLE> are more important than the last. Don't waste valuable space in the <TITLE> with your company name. You're going to come up number 1 in the rankings with your company name anyway, without it being in the <TITLE>.

<DESCRIPTION> An important aspect in good website meta tag optimization. Some search engines use this tag extensively, some don't. The ones that don't presently, have probably used it in the past, and most certainly may use it in the future. Google uses this meta tag to describe your site in their ranking results.
Always use this meta tag to describe what your website offers. Use good keywords and apply them in a cohesive manner using sentences that make sense. Don't use this meta tag just to stuff keywords in.

<KEYWORDS> This meta tag, although currently not being used by the major search engines, is used quite extensively by many minor search engines, and is an important part of our meta tag optimization services. Why not take advantage of it? Again, be sure not to 'over-use' or abuse this tag. There is speculation that Google peruses this meta tag, to see if you're abusing it.

Robot Commands:
These commands are not mandatory, but you can use them to tell search engine spiders certain things about your site (be careful using these commands).

<meta name="Classification" content=> use this command to tell the search engines what the subject of your site is

<meta name="Revisit-after" content="30 days"> use this command to tell the search engines to come back and spider thru your site every 30 days (or any length of time)
this command is ignored by the major search engines, they will revisit your site on their own, regardless of this command

<meta name="robots" content="index,follow"> use this command to tell the search engines to index your web pages, if you don't want a page to be indexed, then use "noindex, nofollow" default, search engines will index all pages, unless you tell them not to

<meta name="author" content="> use this command to tell the search engines who to contact if they may need to do so or to list the name of the designer or website contact, you can use a name or an email here

<meta name="page-topic" content="> use this command to tell the search engines the subject of each of your individual pages

<meta name=" " content="general"> use this command to tell the search engines the subject of each of your individual pages, insert the subject between the quotes

HTML Code Tips:
Insert keywords using these html commands, be sure not to stuff keywords here.

title= use this command for all your internal links (each link can have its own 'title')

alt= use this command to describe what your images or photos are (search engines can't 'see' images, so you can tell the search engines what each image or photo is about)

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