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Web Page Titles

Our website promotion services include separate Titles for each individual page of your site.

We have over 14 years experience in writing Titles for our clients in a diverse collection of enterprise, products and services. We can do the same for you.

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The Title of each web page is found at the top of your internet browser. As you can see, the Title for the web page you are currently on is "Web Page Titles".
Bing, Yahoo and Google all place a heavy emphasis on Titles when calculating the ranking of individual web pages. Thus, each web page should have its own Title, and the keywords » in the Title should match the keywords in the page content »

The web page Title is one of the most important aspects in website promotion. You will find the Title in the head part of the source code of each page, just above the meta tags. What are meta tags? »

The Title is where you want to use your good keywords. Each web page of a site expounds on a different subject (generally speaking), so different keywords should be used in the text of each page, and the Title of that page should coincide with the keywords in the text.
You will be ranking with a multitude of keywords in the search engines, because of the proper use of separate keywords on each web page of your site.

A common mistake that many make is to use their company name in the web page Title. This can be a waste of valuable real estate, especially since search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google, place a high emphasis on what keywords are in a Title. Also, the first words in a Title are more important than the last. Don't waste valuable space in the Title with your company name. You're going to come up number 1 in the rankings with your company name anyway, without it being in the Title.

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