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As part of our free website promotion guide, we continue with effective link building, and it's effect on positioning your website in the search engines. This free website promotion resource will help you achieve better website rankings in Bing, Google, Yahoo, and just about all the search engines.

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Effective Link Building - Effective one way link building for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What is link building? Website Promotion Logo

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What are Links?
Links are other websites that link to your website. These are called 'incoming links', or 'backlinks'.
For example, I have links to other websites on my website promotion tools page. These are links to other websites. The search engines see I have listed these links, and they give each link a 'vote', which goes towards the link popularity of each site listed.
So, it is an effective tool to have other sites linking to you.

What is Link Building?
An effective link building program can include different types of links:
Reciprocal Links
Paid Links
One Way Links

The most effective link building is using one way links.
The major search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo) place a value on all incoming links to a website. Reciprocal links (trading links with another site) and paid links (paying another site to list your link) have lower value than one way links (another site lists your link, without trading or payment).
The reason for this is simple: The search engines know if you are paying for a link, or trading links. They consider it an artificial way to inflate the number of links pointing to a site.
Therefore, the most effective link building is with one way links.
Obtaining these types of links will be the topic of this part of our website promotion guide.

One Way Link Building

Before you start finding links for your site, it would be prudent to have all your information together in one place, to expedite things.
Keep a document (using notepad or Word etc.) with all the following info. Then you can copy and paste from this document, without having to type everything out multiple times.

Website Title » Create a Title for your site. Some links will let you use keywords in the Title, instead of your company name. The Title is usually a 'clickable link', and is called the 'anchor text'.

Description » Create a description for your website, use your good keywords, as explained under the 'Description' section. It is best to have several different descriptions at hand.

Keywords » Create a list of keywords for your site.

How To Find Links

There are a plethora of ways to get good one way links to your site.
Using search engines to find links: Go to Google and type in your keywords, along with the word 'directory'.
Example: If your site sells furniture, then type in 'furniture directory' in Google (without the quotes).

Look at the links.
Look for sites that have a furniture directory. If so, you can add your furniture site there.
This may be a one way link, and it may be free.

Now you start to get the idea, effective link building can be accomplished with a bit of leg work, but is well worth your time, if you want to get visitors to your website.
Be sure to submit to only quality sites. Make sure your listing is in the right category, and not listed on the same page with unrelated links, such as 'shampoo ads' etc.

Another method to find relevant links is to type your keywords into Google and find your competitors. This will give you a listing of their backlinks. Now, click on each backlink, and see if you can obtain a one way link for your site there.

Static Links:
When obtaining your one way links, it is best to get static links.
Static links are 'followed' by the search engines, which in turn give your link a 'vote'. Some links are 'indirect' or 'no-follow' links, which the search engines will not give you a 'vote' for. You can still list your site, since visitors can click on it and go to your site, but it won't help you with the search engines. One way to tell if a link is static is to put your mouse on the link. You should then see the address of the link in the bottom bar of your browser. If you see a url (like 'https://www.web-promotion-specialist.com/'), then you know it is a static link. If you see something else (like https://www.redirectlinksample.com/redirect=http://www.web-promotion-specialist.com/), or something other than a regular url, then that link is probably not a static link.

There you go! You now have a basis for an effective link building campaign. Good luck!

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