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What Is Website Promotion?

High rankings can be obtained by catering to the search engines.
The website promotion process is simply giving the search engines the information they need in deciding where to position a site in their results.

Each search engine has its own way of indexing a website. That is why we incorporate the following techniques for the proper indexing of your website in the search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and just about every other search engine.

Social Media

The impact of social media these days cannot be over stated. Not only does social networking increase your ranking in the search engines, but it also greatly increases your exposure on the web. We will get you listed in Google+, Facebook, Twitter and the other social networking sites.
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Each page of your site should have a different Title, used to describe that pages' content. By using different Titles on different pages, we are able to utilize a multitude of keywords related to your service/product.
The Title is not found on the page itself, but rather is the name of a page, noted in the tab of a browser.
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Meta Tags

Metas are created through research and analysis including keyword popularity, keyword marketing relevance and the competition for your websites specific keywords. This includes separate Descriptions and Keywords for each page of your website.
Meta tags are an important aspect of website promotion.
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Page Content

Our website promotion company will 'tweak' the text on your website. It is very important that the text contain the proper keywords that relate to what you offer, and how people are using the search engines to find your type of service. Content is king, and you must have the proper words in the proper places. Where and how the text is used is important. It's important to use your good keywords, and in the correct way.
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Link Building

Links are other websites that list your website. Our website promotion company specializes in the submissions of your site to relevant and specific links related to your type of service/product. This includes submissions to databases, directories and websites that correlate to your specific industry. These links are key, as search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will look at your site as more relevant to your specific industry (thus giving you higher rankings), because of the related links.

Link submissions also include general directories that Google deems important. This is key......especially since Google, Yahoo and Bing all place a heavy emphasis on the number of QUALITY links pointing to a site. Links are important not just for their use in ranking better in the search engines, but the links themselves will bring in new customers to your site, as people will find your site listed in a multitude of places on the web.

All link submissions are done manually. No automatic submissions or software is used.

Our specialty is one way links, which are much more important than 'pay for' links or reciprocal links, because search engines see one way links as more relevant.
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